10 Reasons Why Students Should Hire Laundry Services In the US

Students face stress as a result of attending to many activities such as schoolwork, social responsibilities, and house chores, including laundry.

However, to relieve some of this stress and frustration, students can employ professional services that help them out and focus on more important things. Professional laundry services are available for students to hire to take care of their laundry.

This article will shed light on some of the significant reasons students should hire laundry services and the benefits they can derive from doing so. Before we dive right in, though, let’s take a closer look at what commercial laundry services bring to the table.

Commercial Laundry Services

The concept of laundry is a comprehensive one. Laundry refers to dirty clothes and other non-wearable fabrics. It does not stop there as laundry also applies to the actual washing of these soiled fabrics using any of the washing methods that best suit the type of material that is being washed.

Such cleaning methods include laundering, a way of washing fabrics using water and detergents, and dry cleaning, which utilizes chemical solvents other than water to remove stains from materials.

Laundry services refer to companies and other professional cleaners who do the laundry of their clients. These professionals try as much as possible to offer their clients the best laundry service they can get by ensuring that they return the clothes in their custody to their respective owners in good condition.

There are a variety of commercial laundry services as well as different rates which they charge their customers. Clients are often charged based on the weight of their laundry and the various treatments that these fabrics require.

The stress of living in a fast-paced world makes it almost impossible for some people to do laundry. Between attending to day-to-day business activities, giving attention to some outdoor projects, taking care of a few errands, and socializing with other people, there is barely enough time to do the laundry.

It is for this purpose that commercial laundry services like Soji Cleaners are in business. We are especially popular with people who are very busy and have no spare time to do laundry. Large organizations and some individuals with high volumes of laundry and some other people who are not too keen on doing laundry are our best clients.

Commercial laundry services have large machines used in the cleaning process. They also provide a variety of cleaning methods that suit the requirements of each fabric. They pick up the laundry from their clients’ homes or have them dropped off to them by the clients themselves.

The laundry is first sorted out and separated based on their colors and quality of the materials used in producing them. Next, the fabrics are examined for stains such as coffee stains, oil, and grease that are treated upon discovery with stain removers depending on the type of stain found.

After this, the fabrics are loaded into the washing machine with detergents or soaps for them to be cleaned. The device is set to spin at speed suitable for the fabrics without causing any rip or tear.

Once the cleaning process is complete, the fabrics are taken out from the machine and either machine-dried or air-dried. If the commercial laundry service is one that also provides pressing services, the fabrics are then pressed, folded, and either sent to their owners or kept until the owners come to pick them up.

They also note fabrics that can not be laundered or ones that have tough stains that can not be removed by merely laundering them. These fabrics are then washed using the dry cleaning process.

The laundry industry is fast-booming, mainly because of how busy people are becoming in recent years. This hectic lifestyle leaves them with little to no time left to take care of house chores, especially laundry. The commercial laundry service companies are then available to fulfill that role.

Student Laundry Services

Certain laundry services attend to the needs of specific types of clients. Some laundry services handle cloth diapers for their clients; some prefer to work with industrial customers such as hotels, hospitals, and restaurants, where they take care of dirty towels, sheets, tablecloths, curtains, and many more.

There is also the presence of student laundry services that handle students’ laundry, ranging from their towels and sheets to everything else, depending on the terms of the agreement.

Sometimes, these laundry services are employed by the school administration, and they take care of students’ school uniforms in schools where students are required to wear uniforms. In other cases, the students themselves have to hire commercial laundry services to take care of their laundry.

The students either have to drop the laundry off at any laundry service that they have chosen or enjoy the luxury of their laundry being picked up from their dorms or apartments by the laundry service. These laundry services charge students a lower fee to get their laundry done.

Many laundry services are available for students, and they often slash the prices they charge for the services they render to students. This reduction in rates makes it easier for students to afford them.

On-demand laundry services

The advances that have been made in technology have made it possible for people to get certain essential items that they need from the comfort of their own homes without actually having to spend a lot of time and effort searching for them.

One of such innovative technologies is on-demand service. This type of service refers to a situation where service providers are connected to their potential clients through the internet or an app. There are a lot of services that are provided this way, and they include Uber, pizza delivery, and many more.

Customers can order these items or services and get them within the fastest time possible. The presence of on-demand services makes life in a fast-paced world more relaxed and more convenient.

The rising demand for laundry services by some people who are so busy that they can not take care of their laundry and others that simply do not like the idea of washing has increased on-demand laundry services available.

The internet is flooded with thousands of on-demand laundry services advertising their laundry service platforms and the level of their proficiency and professionalism. Many on-demand laundry apps are designed to connect laundry service companies to individuals who require their services.

On-demand laundry services make the washing process very fast and convenient as clients just have to contact the laundry service with just a few taps on their minds devices to have their laundry done. It is also possible for a client to give a review of the company using the app.

Using the Soji Cleaners app, clients can simply place an order and schedule a convenient time for the laundry pickup. After the cleaning processes are complete, the client will receive the fabric at their chosen location.

On-demand laundry services are beneficial to students who have little time to do their laundry. They can utilize this service to get their laundry taken care of by professionals while doing their school work.

10 Reasons Why Students Choose Laundry Services

Students are one of the most significant users of laundry services in the industry; little wonder many laundry services, including Soji Cleaners, are created specifically to serve the needs of students alone.

There is a multitude of reasons why students choose laundry services, but the most common include:

1. Laundry Services Are Cost-efficient:

A primary reason why students choose laundry service is that it can save them and their parents a lot of money that would usually go into buying and maintaining their washing machine.

The money spent when hiring a professional laundry service is quite insignificant compared to the amount that would usually go into the purchase of cleaning equipment and reagents such as detergents, soaps, and many more.

As a result of being a commercial service, the professional laundry services can handle a lot of laundry from different people at the same time, and this keeps the operating cost very low and, at the same time, satisfies the needs of the students.

Most laundry services often have a variety of prices per kilogram of laundry and for different kinds of clothing articles.

Additionally, due to tight competition among student laundry services providers available in the industry in terms of reliability, their prices are very affordable. At Soji Cleaners, for instance, we offer affordable subscription-based planning, including semester, monthly, and annual plans.

2. Laundry Services Save Time:

Students have a lot of things to do that consumes a great deal of their time. Going to lectures, completing assignments and school projects, going for tests and exams, studying, and doing other activities take the majority of their time.

On the other hand, it is estimated that students in universities and boarding schools spend some 96 hours doing laundry every year!

It is easy, then, to see that hiring professional student laundry services such as those offered by Soji Cleaners can save students a lot of time. The time that would have otherwise been used to take care of the laundry will then be utilized for some other very important activities.

Due to rising demands for efficient and reliable laundry services, a vast majority of laundry service companies are stepping up their game by providing several other services that save the time of their clients. Most laundry services save their clients time that usually would go into dropping off the laundry.

Additionally, most laundry services have hotlines that their clients can contact them on business days to have their laundry done. Therefore, hiring laundry services allow students to focus on their schoolwork and other activities.

Students who also have a part-time job have a lot of time on their hands to focus on their work and some other social activities to take their minds away from work.

3. Laundry Service Reduces Stress

By hiring laundry services, students avoid the hassle and stress that is often associated with doing laundry. Students often come back to their apartments or dorms very tired after the day’s activities.

Coming back to meet a heap of laundry to be done further increases their stress levels, and this tires them out all the more. So, to avoid both this emotional and physical stress, they just have to place an order to any laundry service of their choice and have their laundry picked up while they are busy with other things, and when they come back, they will not meet any undone laundry waiting for them.

4. Laundry Service Is Convenient:

Thanks to modern technologies, certain house chores, including laundry, can be carried out conveniently. Making use of on-demand student laundry services enable students to get their laundry done even more conveniently.

Since the laundry process can be incredibly time-consuming, it can be almost impossible for students with tight schedules, especially those with part-time jobs, to find the time to get it done.

However, with professional laundry service, they just have to spend only a couple of minutes dropping off and picking up their laundry, and this is very easy and convenient to do.

5. Professional Services:

The staff at laundry services are professionals who have enough knowledge and experience on how to efficiently clean a variety of dirty fabrics. These professionals give fabrics the care that they need right from the pre-spotting stage of the cleaning process to the packaging and delivery stage.

As a result of being a part of the industry, laundry services understand the importance of using these different cleaning methods and equipment for various fabrics. The professionals know the best cleaning methods to use on different fabrics to prevent them from shrinking, stretching, and color bleeding.

These professionals are in the laundry service industry to give the best attention to the fabrics brought in by their clients, and they try to handle it very well to maintain their old customers and expand their client base.

The same applies to their service for students, which in the case of Soji Cleaners, considers the unique needs of students who use the platform.

6. Use Of High-quality Cleaning Materials

Professional laundry services make use of high-quality cleaning materials that are designed to suit the requirements of each fabric in their care. Various textile products like curtains, garments, and towels are made of different fabrics that require separate or specialized cleaning methods.

There are also different stains that need to be clean in a certain way. Commercial laundry services use a variety of stain removers to get rid of tough stains successfully.

Laundry services ensure that they use the best materials needed to clean the fabrics of their clients. Students understand this fact, and that is why they often students laundry services to take care of their clothes.

It is not a way to show-off, but a clear understanding that in the long run, outsourcing laundry is good for the clothes.

7. Easy to Access 

Laundry services are very accessible. It does not matter how far away the laundry service company is from the client as it is always ready to cater to the needs of its clients.

Students often connect with their desired laundry service company with just a few taps on their mobile devices. The existence of these on-demand laundry services makes it possible for students to easily access the nearest student laundry services company to pick up and drop their laundry.

Most times, the laundry service that a student utilizes might be within the premises of the school. This makes it possible for the student to quickly drop off and pick up the laundry that is handled by the company.

8. Laundry Services Are Efficient on Resources 

The entire cleaning process utilizes a lot of water and electricity, especially when using washing machines. Students, most of the time, can not afford the expenses that come with maintaining washing machines and the cost of electricity that it consumes.

Most dorms do not allow students to plug in high-voltage electrical devices to disturb the supply of electricity. This makes it very difficult for students to use washing machines in school. Additionally, the cost of buying chemicals and some other materials that are needed in the cleaning process is also very high.

On the other hand, the laundry services handle a lot of fabrics for various customers at the same time, and this cuts down the amount of energy consumed during the entire cleaning process per month.

Therefore, one can easily see why students choose laundry service; to conserve both electricity and water, all for a cost lower than it would usually take to use school facilities for the laundry.

9. Student Laundry Services Offer A Variety Of Options

Laundry services offer students a wide variety of washing and drying methods that adequately suit both their needs and the needs of their fabrics being washed. Certain fabrics may be very delicate and need special care and attention to avoid damaging the materials. Sometimes, the student may have allergic reactions to certain detergents and other cleaning reagents.

Professional laundry services provide students with various options to choose from with regards to how the fabrics can be washed and the necessary attention to give to them. They also provide students with a price list that helps them to know what they are getting and how much they are paying for it.

10. Laundry Service Offer Great Results:

Some little mishaps are bound to happen when laundry is being done at home or in the school laundry room. It could be the shrinking of certain delicate fabrics like wool, linen, and silk, stretching, or even color bleeding and tough stains that refuse to go away no matter the number of times they have been cleaned.

Therefore, why students choose laundry service is that fabrics are returned in the best way possible.

Trained laundry personnel ensure that the fabrics are sorted out before they are even loaded into the machine to be washed. The fabrics are sorted out either by color or quality of the material.

These professionals also check that there are no stains left on the fabrics after they have been washed. Even if a small stain is discovered to be left on the fabrics after it is dried, the fabric will be re-washed to make sure that it is squeaky clean.

They might also add starch to fabrics that require it, based on the client’s preferences, iron and fold the fabrics in plastic bags that make the fabrics appear new.

Students often hire laundry services to get their clothes and other fabrics thoroughly cleaned and with extra touches. So when students hire professional laundry services, they often want to get their money’s worth.

Benefits of laundry service for students

Laundry services are very beneficial not only to students but to everyone that employs their services. It is hard to imagine what life would have been like without professionals who take care of the clothes of their clients.

Students derive a lot of benefits from hiring laundry services. Let us take a closer look at just a few of them.

  • Students will have enough time to study, go for their exams and tests, and engage in other social activities. Those that have part-time jobs will also have time to go to work.
  • Laundry services save students a great deal of money that would have been used in buying washing machines, chemicals for removing stains, and detergents. This money would then be utilized for more beneficial things, such as buying textbooks, or even prom!
  • Students avoid the stress and hassles that come with doing laundry. Having laundry services take care of their dirty fabrics give students inner peace that allows them to focus on other things that are more productive.
  • By hiring professional laundry services to take care of their dirty fabrics, students are assured that their clothes will be given the best attention that it needs.
  •  Hiring a commercial laundry service will help college students to prevent their rooms from becoming untidy as a result of piles of undone laundry.
  • Students notice that their fabrics last longer as a result of receiving proper care and attention from professionals.

Final Words:

Students do not have as much money as full-time employees do. So, it is wise to spend it judiciously. The benefits of hiring a laundry service are much, and students need to take advantage of them.

Hiring a laundry service to take care of their laundry will give students more time to focus on the main reason why they are in school, and that is to study.