Why You Should Hang Dry And How To Do It Properly

‘I went shopping for groceries with some of my friends; we didn’t plan to buy any other thing apart from groceries, that was grocery day!. But on passing by the clothing section, I saw it, the beautiful dress with a bright color. I decided to check it out. I felt the fabric and knew I had to get this dress; the quality was superb! Although the amount was jaw-breaking, I couldn’t let go.

A few weeks later, I found that my expensive dress was losing its quality, and this was due to the traditional dryer I have been using for my clothes’. This disheartening experience is what some people go through when they sometimes use traditional dryers to dry their clothes.

Some others have found the solution to that problem by hang drying their clothes, either by themselves or using hang dry services. Before we consider why you should hang dry or how to hang dry benefits you, let’s understand first what it means to hang dry.

What is Hang Dry? 

To hang dry or ‘line dry,’ your clothing article, e.g., your jeans, active wears, and underwear, means to hang your clothes on a clothesline using a cloth hanger or clothespin to secure it and allow it to dry. Hang drying could either be indoors or outdoor, but it is advisable to dry outside so that sunlight, fresh air, and breeze can dry it.

Instead of bringing out those clothes from the washer and tossing them straight into the dryer, learn to hang dry, especially for your home cleaning.

Hang Dry Benefits

Some benefits of drying clothes in the sun include:

  • Nature lovers would agree that using the sun and fresh air to dry clothes instead of machines that pollute the environment is eco-friendly and a way of appreciating nature.
  • Most traditional dryers need electricity to function and, as such, consume much energy, therefore hang dring is energy-saving and pocket friendly when it comes to paying for the high electrical bills that come with using dryers.
  • Clothing materials are made to go through high heat, tossing and tumbling for an extended period in the dryer. This could damage the clothes and make them lose their quality. Dryers can also cause clothing articles to wither and shrink, thereby shortening the life of the material.

Therefore, to hang dry benefits you by preserving clothes and allowing them last longer.

  • Some people ask, why do line dried clothes smell good? The sun’s ultraviolet rays also help disinfect clothes, remove stains from clothes, and whiten them.
  • Drying clothes in the sun gives you that bright sunny smell and makes your clothes smell good.

Common Mistakes in Hang Drying And How to Hang Dry Properly

Spacing: When hanging clothes on the clothesline, some people make the mistake of not leaving any space between the clothing, this would prevent the garment from drying faster. Spacing clothing materials would allow for adequate air circulation and thereby quicken the drying process.

It is also recommended to hang large clothing like bedspread etc. before hanging smaller clothing on managing space and ensuring proper home cleaning.

Sun bleaching: The ultraviolet rays from the sun can ruin brightly colored fabrics. It would be best to turn these clothing inside out or hang under a shade, preferably outdoors under a tree. But the UV ray is precisely what your white clothes need to whitten.

Weather Condition: The weather condition should be a determinant of hang drying whether you’re doing it by yourself or using hang dry services. A quick rain shower that comes with dirt particles and leaves or high winds can stain laundry and would require re-washing. It would also be wise to check for pollen counts before hang drying.

Environment: Clothing should not be spread in an environment with a bad smell like animal farm odor, diesel fuel, or chemical and manufacturing plants. This is because these clothing can absorb such odor. Instead, look for an environment with a pleasant scent like a sweet-smelling meadow.

Hang dry can be used not only for home cleaning alone; laundry services that value quality over quantity offer hang dry services irrespective of the extra time it takes. At Soji Cleaners, clients can be sure that their clothes are hang dried, and the quality retained.