10 Simple Ways to Reduce Dust in Your Home

Tangible solutions for an irritable problem

Whether you’re living in a home, apartment, dorm room, or studio there is one constant factor that continues to persist as an irritating factor that needs to be tackled daily and that is dust. Dust can accumulate everywhere from surfaces, corners, furniture, and small or hard to reach crevices.

Dust can result in nasal issues or general toxic air pathogens being within your vicinity.

To eliminate dust from home, many consider using a duster and cleaning the area thoroughly. However, while that diminishes the dust problem it doesn’t quite tackle the source on how to prevent dust from accumulating. This could keep a home from looking polished and spotless, leaving most homeowners scrounging for answers.

Some homeowners even go as far as hiring a home cleaning service to make their cleaning woes disappear without lifting a finger. But others who struggle with money are left in the dust looking for answers on their own. Fear not, there are possible pathways towards a dust-free space.

Cleaning the dust from your home can result in better quality air and lessen the possible allergy triggers that come with having this minuscule debris blocking your surfaces. To have a clean home requires persistence and awareness.

Often, the places that get the most dust are cloth drapes, curtains, rugs, couches, and AC units. That is why it is critical to be observant of these particular surfaces to tackle the problem quickly before it gets out of hand.

For those who consistently ask themselves how to reduce dust in the house, we have comprised a top ten list needed to execute a solution for your cleaning woes. The following are some tips to reduce dust in home and maintain the shine that your home had when you moved in.

1. Cleansing Your Home Thoroughly

The importance of cleaning your home weekly or daily

Although sometimes cleaning seems like a chore, it is a prominent part of owning a home. Many who develop a resistance to cleaning end up sourly complaining that their home is not up to part or lacks in shine.


That’s why it is important to be consistent when it comes to cleansing your home as it can be the difference between a polished home and a lackluster one. Dust will always prevail if there is no persistent cleaning.

When you’re trying to clear out the dust, it is important to keep a steady cleaning schedule. Whether that be weekly or daily, it can make a huge difference in your household as well as positively affect your mental health.

For cleaning, you will need to have the following items:

  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Liquid cleaner for surface
  • Bucket
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Duster

These tools will help with the cleaning process and help get rid of dust mites in your living space.

2. Using a Doormat

Why are doormats necessary?

Many homeowners tend to make the simplistic mistake of stepping all over their home with the shoes they wore outside of the house. This then leads to others being allowed to do the same, whether it is their family members or outside visitors. Unknowingly, this causes dirt to be smothered around whether it be a carpeted, wooden, or tiled floor.


These small dirt particles then lead to an overwhelming amount of dust making it harder for the homeowner to later clean every time. When it comes to this issue, many ask their guests to take off their shoes before stepping into the house. However, not many are willing to abide by the rules and some tend to forget.

For these measures, we suggest investing in a doormat. When you have a doormat, whether it be inside the house or outside, many guests or family members will need to wipe their feet clean before stepping into the home.

A large part of maintaining your home clean is making sure that no dirt or debris from the outside is let into your home. This will make it easier for many to ask themselves how to keep dust out of your house. With a doormat, you can also add a bit of décor to the front of your home.

3. Clean Every Surface

Why is it important to clean and wipe every surface?

Dust is very much a surface issue. Whenever it accumulates in clumps, it’s usually beneath furniture or small corners of the home as it is not very eye-catching so it can accumulate further and further.

mopping-stick-and-buckets (1)

That’s why it is important to wipe down all surfaces with a liquid or water-based cleaner. For dust, water is its natural enemy. That is why liquid cleaners are preferable when it comes to eliminating this nuisance from your home.

When it comes to cleaning surfaces, it’s important to check every nook and cranny of your home, specifically the smaller areas that tend to go unnoticed. We suggest a deep cleaning session to eliminate all dust particles from your home.

After using a liquid cleaner, it is necessary to wipe it down with a microfiber cloth to remove any leftover dust particles as well as dry the space you cleaned. Doing a deep cleaning on your home can also lessen issues such as spider webs which tend to nest in corners of the home.

4. Using a Vacuum

Why is vacuuming an important step when it comes to cleaning?

While using a liquid cleaner on surfaces is important, wiping down your entire floor can be incredibly exhausting. An important step to getting rid of dust is to thoroughly vacuum your home.

Vacuum-cleaner (1)

A vacuum will suck up all the dirt, debris, dust, and other particles that accumulate throughout your home. As time goes on, there has been a significant improvement when it comes to this cleaning tool. Technology has made it so much more efficient to use and more powerful so that there are little reasons why your home can’t have a spark.

Vacuuming your home can also save you money long term. Many who invest in rugs or carpets can see that over time the carpet will acquire dust and dirt particles which can make them look unsightly or older than they are. At this point, homeowners decide to throw away their rugs and buy new ones so they don’t have to deal with the cleaning process.

However, vacuuming can throw away those excess costs as it can diminish all the dust and dirt particles on these carpets. Anyone that has a pet knows the shedding season for pets who have long coats can mean hair everywhere. This can also lead to allergic reactions, asthma issues, or any lung-related conflicts for those who have trouble breathing.

Vacuuming is the answer to these persistent issues and it can also serve to bring a cleaner space that will ultimately boost your mental wellbeing and your mood.

5. Tackle the Upholstery


Many new homeowners make one grave mistake when it comes to maintaining their home, skipping the dusting part, and cleaning the surface. Dusting upholstery is a critical part of the cleaning process, if it’s not done it results in a less than a clean home.


Although you may not see the dust particles or they aren’t as eye-catching as other dirty areas of your home, it can slowly affect your lifestyle as a toxic air pathogen, and inhaling dust over time can affect your lungs. One of the dustiest areas of the home is the curtains.

When buying curtains, a lot of homeowners or individuals are unaware of how to clean them. This leads to the curtains racking up dust particles over time. Wiping them down with a microfiber cloth can help, vacuuming them, or simply beating them the old-fashioned way.


Lampshades are another home item that tends to attract dust and fabric lampshades have persistent dust particles that stick to the fabric. Cleaning them can be tricky as wiping them down can worsen the problem and smother the dust in the fabric.


Vacuuming lampshades can be next to impossible due to the minuscule size, although it can be done it can also be a complex activity. In this case, it’s best to use a lint roller to remove the dust as it can stick to the roller and easily remove the dust without exerting too much of your energy. Easy as 1, 2, 3! Afterward, you can wipe it down as you please with a damp towel or dry microfiber cloth to get any excess out.


The couch is one of the most popular places to relax in a household. However, it can also be a place with extreme dust particles over time. This is especially true for those that own upholstered couches. Over time these couches not only attract dust but also all kinds of dirt or bacteria.


While it is important to wash the upholstery, it is also important to dust or vacuum the couch to maintain cleanliness. Steam cleaning is a popular method that can eliminate all dust particles, bacteria, or stubborn dirt that accumulates on the fabric.

You can also manually remove the dust with a lint roller or duster if you’d like a quick fix. It is important to note that the couch should be maintained every two weeks or once every month due to its continued usage.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can become dusty over time as well. Due to mainly being used for décor on a couch or bedroom, these pillows can acquire an exaggerated amount of dust and it is important to have them thoroughly washed or wiped down as often as possible.


Throw pillows can be washed with detergent by hand or they can be put into the washing machine. If you don’t have the time, you can also access or your nearby dry cleaners to get the job done.

6. Pet Care

Grooming your pets

Not many individuals are aware that dead skin cells and loose hair are components that lead to excessive dust. If you own a pet with a medium length or long coat, you know the frustrations that come with it. The shedding season can escalate these issues and bring an even more turbulent atmosphere to your home when you start seeing hair just about everywhere.


We suggest bathing and grooming your pet as often as possible to minimize hair loss. If you have a cat, it can be daunting to find that the litter box is also an area that tends to hoard dust over time. For this matter, it is important to keep the litter box covered to keep the rest of the house clean.

7. Keeping windows closed

How does keeping your window closed to prevent dust from coming into your home?

Although sometimes it may seem beneficial to open a window for fresh air, it can lead to dust, pests, or other airborne pollutants coming into your home when left open for long periods.


The dust will then accumulate and settle on your windowsill or anywhere in the surrounding area. We suggest to keep your windows closed, or if you need to open them, pat your windowsill with a microfiber towel or liquid cleaner after closing it.

8. Removing Clutter

How does removing clutter benefit you with a dust-free home?

We understand, sometimes it’s hard to keep your home clutter-free at times and it can be stressful to maintain a spacious home when you have little to no time for maintenance. However, one of the many benefits of keeping your space clutter-free is the lack of dust that comes with it.


Dust particles can easily be enhanced by the number of products you have in your home. If you store a lot of boxes, this can be a hideaway place for dust to accumulate over time. It’s important to keep a small inventory of things so that you don’t have this issue frequently, while also keeping your space minimalistic and looking polished.

9. Invest In an Air Filter

How do air filters help reduce dust in the air?

Air filters do just what their namesake explains, filter the air that circulates your living space. This could help with reducing toxic air pathogens or airborne pollutants like dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and any other bacteria.


Investing in a high-efficiency air filter can also be helpful when preventing allergic reactions as it will keep the air flowing and clean any airborne substance. Pair this with daily vacuum cleaning and you can prevent any dust from settling onto your living space.

10. Beating The Dust

Do it the old-fashioned way!

Most of the time, beating carpets, rugs, or upholstery to remove dust can be seen as antiquated or something you would see in a black and white movie. However, this practice emphasizes the removal of dust more so than a simple wipe down can.

Beating any fabric or upholstered product enough can remove dust if done properly. For example, if you are doing this practice it would be best to do it outside as the dust would settle back into your home otherwise.

Investing in a rug beater can go a long way, and it would also help you take out some stress at the same time. Don’t beat around the bush, go get one of these handy dandy rug beaters now!