Spring Cleaning Checklist – The Ultimate Step by Step Guide

The beginning of the great cleanse

When spring comes around, birds fill the sky, flowers start to bloom, and a faint smell of freshener is in the air. That’s right, spring is known for the time of year where you vacate all of the nuisances that fill your home. This includes trash, old furniture, pests, and organize your home to be rid of the clutter.

But mostly, it’s the time for spring cleaning. What is spring cleaning you ask? Spring cleaning, in essence, is the time for thorough cleansing of your home, whereas any other week it would be a simple cleaning.

It is important to begin this process every spring, as spring generates an overwhelming amount of pollen, pests, and other allergy provoking symptoms that could deter you from your regular lifestyle. Many who know this process, are aware of the critical role that spring cleaning can have when starting the new year.

When the new year arrives, it brings in new opportunities, changes, new friends or relationships, and breathes new unexplored territory. With that being said, it’s only proper to begin the year by deep spring cleaning your home to rid the air of any past energies that reflect the old and not the new.

For new homeowners, it can be a bit complex and difficult to understand how or where to start deep cleaning. That is why it is important to keep yourself organized and write a spring cleaning checklist to keep track of your duties. A spring cleaning list can save you time squandering your home looking for what cleaning duty to perform and which room.

This list can also improve your cleaning by reassuring that you tackle specific spaces that would ordinarily be missed in a normal daily cleaning. While many homeowners hire a spring cleaning service, we’ll show you cleaning methods that you can do in your home without leaving a dent in your wallet.


What to clean at the entrance of your home?

The beginning of deep cleaning your home means taking a look at the very front of your household. This means the entryway, a place where people regularly stomp their feet and leave their shoes, jackets, or other belongings as part of the preferable placement.


While other homes simply have a welcome mat or a simple coat hanger, it’s still important to make sure that this area remains polished for all the guests to see. The following list is what every homeowner needs to look out for when cleaning the entryway:

  • Sweep and mop – make sure to sweep and mop the floor behind the door as this area is always being stepped on with outside shoes or can have shoes behind the door regularly.
  • Wipe – wipe down the walls and baseboards.
  • Clean – make sure to clean the door and doormat as these places usually accumulate a lot of dirt due to human touch.
  • Organize – make sure to organize the shoes behind the door as sometimes guests or family members may put their shoes in the middle of the doormat, making it a hazard for others.
  • Hang – make sure to hang up your jackets to have proper organization.

This area must be maintained so when you invite guests over, they will feel welcomed immediately as they walk in through the front door. For a more heartwarming visit, it is better to increase the level of organization at the beginning of your home to set a standard throughout.


What are the important places to clean in the kitchen?

Without a doubt, one of the most problematic places when it comes to cleaning is the kitchen area. Every nook and cranny can easily be filled with grease, oil, or dirt due to the porous nature that the kitchen’s structure contains.


Cooking in the kitchen is filled with a delightful atmosphere because of the creative liberty you can take with the meals. But the aftermath of cooking is less than glamorous or delightful, whether it’s dirty dishes or simply cleaning the surrounding area where you cooked.

When it comes to daily cleaning, many new homeowners often miss certain areas that can later turn into mold or other hazardous air pathogens you wouldn’t want to breathe in. What are the areas that need the most spring cleaning you may ask? The following are some areas that you need to tackle:

  • Stovetop – one of the areas that get the most dirt is this one, due to the proximity cooking that happens here.
  • Oven – like the stovetop area, the oven starts to accumulate dirt after each use, it is important that it is cleaned and maintained
  • Microwave – heating food can lead to odor, moisture – and if you’re not careful – spillages. This appliance needs to be cleansed.
  • Kitchen cabinets – always overlooked but need to manage closely are the kitchen cabinets which are often used for dishes, seasonings, and cooking ware.
  • Fridge – it is important to clean the surface, beneath, and interior of the fridge as this is where the most bacteria can grow from. If possible, moving the fridge to vacuum and mop is essential.
  • Kitchen drain – constantly shoving bits of food down the drain can lead to clogging or foul odors if not washed properly.
  • Wipe surfaces – this includes all appliances from the fridge, microwave, toaster, stovetop, oven, and anything else being used for food
  • Wash cleaning tools – such as sponges and dishrags if they are being used to clean frequently, they need to be sanitized.

We seldom take a thorough look at our kitchen as most of the time, we tend to look at the bigger messes that occur in this part of the house. However, it is critical to not overlook this space as it can lead to more trouble than you started with.

Dining Room

What are the most important areas to clean in the dining room?

One of the most popular rooms in a home is none other than the dining room. Whether you’re having guests over, hosting a holiday event, or simply having a family get-together your dining room must stay in mint condition for a pleasant experience.


Although this should be the case, many homeowners skip out on cleaning duties when it comes to the dining room area due to the significant amount of work cleaning the rest of the household takes. But when spring is just around the corner, it is time to prepare to tackle this area of the home for maximum aesthetic appeal and a more polished look.

The following is a list of areas to remember when cleaning the dining room:

  • Cabinets – the dining room cabinets sometimes hold delicate china or another décor, this area needs to be dusted and wiped down
  • Table linen – tablecloth and other seating linen need to be washed thoroughly as well as sanitized due to the high level of bacteria it tends to have.
  • Dusting – dusting the tables, chairs, cabinets, light fixtures, blinds, curtain rods, and other storage areas of the dining room
  • Polish – polish the silverware, furniture, and seating chairs
  • Wipe down – wipe down the walls, baseboards, windows, and window sills

The dining room is a critical area of the home that needs to be maintained as it is where family members get together in celebration for a warm dining experience that serves to unite all and aspire for connection. With that being said, a dull or dusty dining room will limit the happy interactions. This spring makes it a point to emphasize cleanliness in your dining room space.

Living Room

What are the areas to look out for while cleaning in the living room?

Another popular gathering place in the home is the living room area. Here family members, guests, and loved ones spend time for entertaining purposes or simply for quality time. Due to these mass gatherings, it can often be one of the most bacteria or dirt-filled places in the home.


That is why it is critical to maintain this area and have a thorough cleansing in the springtime. Most living room areas have a wider space for social engagements or simply due to the floor planning, which means that it is easier to accumulate dust in certain areas of the room that tend to get overlooked.

The following are some spaces in the living room area that need to have a deep cleaning this spring:

  • Deep clean – the couch cover or linen needs to be thoroughly washed or cleaned depending on the fabric type, as well as the throw pillow covers for maximum hygienic sanitation. Steam cleaning is highly recommended.
  • Vacuum – vacuum all the rugs or upholstery including the curtains as well as lamp shades
  • Dust – dust every nook and cranny in the living room area for efficiency, make sure to also give the light fixtures a thorough dusting as they can accumulate the most dust in the room
  • Mop – make sure to mop every area that has been vacuumed for a polished look that will impress guests the next time they step into the room.

This area holds the key to establishing deep-rooted connections when the family decides to sit down together and discuss any topic they choose. Perhaps it is movie night and you want to make the living room feel comfortable, spring is the perfect time to bring in a more cleanly atmosphere to this particular area.


What particular spaces in the bedroom have the most dust, dirt, or grime?

When it comes to the bedroom area, the haven that every homeowner sleep in, it is imperative to have this area cleaned to emphasize comfort and security. Although this is the case, the bedroom is the place that can have above average sized clutter throughout the year.


It is important that when spring comes around, this is especially true if you have kids and pets, that your bedroom is dust-free to minimize the unexpected allergy triggers that come with it. That being said, here are some places to watch out for when cleaning this area:

  • Wash – all bedding material including the sheets, comforters, pillowcases, and blankets
  • Organize – remove all unnecessary items, clothing, or collective material that you no longer need and donate these items or throw them away.Also, make sure to go through your closet for a thorough investigation on what you need and don’t need.
  • Vacuum – flip the bed mattress to vacuum the other side if possible, then make sure to vacuum the curtains, floors, light fixtures, and carpets or rugs
  • Dust – blinds, curtain rods, window sills, and windows.

Proper cleansing of this area can update your bedroom and give it a brand-new look for the new year. Spring cleaning means out with the old and in with the new! So take time to cleanse your haven.


What are the areas to look out for while cleaning in the bathroom?

A hot spot for mold, bacteria, and other grime is the bathroom. The bathroom is a location that has infinite corners and areas that need cleansing. We know how hard it could be to keep up with and memorize each location that needs to be cleansed, here are a few:

  • Wipe down – wipe mirrors, walls, baseboards
  • Clean – bathtub, tiles, showerhead, toilet, makeup brushes, vanity, mirror, and bathroom hardware
  • Sweep and mop – the floors and any surface area of the bathroom
  • Wash – shower curtains, towels, bath mats, and replace shower liner if possible

Taking these steps and precautions can save you a lifetime of worry as well as limit any possible mold growth within your bathroom for a safe space for washing your body.

Tips For The Entire Home

What should you keep in mind when cleaning your home?

When you are cleansing your home, it is important to sanitize the following fixtures and small areas:

  • Door handles or knobs
  • Air vents
  • Light fixtures and light switches
  • Walls and baseboards
  • Curtains and drapes

Although these areas of the home are seldom cleaned due to their minimal appearance in the home. They must get cleansed to maintain your home as well as add extra emphasis in your living space that makes for an eye-catching look for your guests. This spring, make sure that your home has a dazzling makeover that will set the standard for the rest of the year.