How to Get Coffee Stain out of Carpet – Simple Guide

Sometimes, you find it difficult to remove coffee stains from your carpet. However, stain removal principles that apply to your clothes should also apply to your carpet.

The best thing to do is to remove as much liquid as you can before you start your attack on the stain on spillage. However, you may discover an old coffee stain on your carpet. Do not panic.

How to Get Coffee Stain out of Carpet

First, you need to prepare mentally for some task. For someone with a shag carpet, the job may be more difficult. Shag carpets tend to have some long fibers, which make it hard to remove stains.

It would help if you also do not put too much liquid on the carpet. You should also make sure that your stain remover does not change or damage your carpet’s color. Ammonia and some common stain removers have been known to damage the color of woolen carpets.

Here are the steps to follow for you to clean coffee stains from your carpet in case you do not contact professional cleaners to offer professional house cleaning service:

Wet the Stain

Applying warm water on the stain can help loosen the dried coffee stain. You can then use a white cloth to blot the area that has the stain. The best idea for you to avoid spreading the stain further is to start from the stain edges and move inwards. You should do this repetitively until you cannot see any more transfer of the coffee stain from the carpet to the white cloth.


An important tip to have is that you can use your home supplies to make your solution, which works just as well as commercial stain removers. Commercial products are sometimes expensive. For an effective homemade stain remover, you need liquid dish soap, white vinegar, and warm water.

The ratio for combination is usually one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, the same amount of white vinegar as the liquid dish soap, and two warm-water cups. You can place the home supplies in a dish then use a spoon to stir.

Use the Stain Remover

Using a clean cloth, you can apply your stain remover. As the procedure was in getting to wet the stain, you also should start from the edges and move inwards.


You also should be careful so that you do not have the stain spreading to a wider area on the carpet. After dipping the cloth back into the bowl with the stain remover, you can use a dry towel to clean the carpet’s coffee stains.

For stains that are sticky due to cream and sugar in the coffee, you can use enzyme laundry detergent and a cup of warm water in another dish. Make sure to stir so that they all blend well. You can use a new cloth to apply the solution to the stain to break the stickiness of the cream and sugar.

Rinse the Carpet

Once you have removed the coffee stain, you can use cold water to rinse your carpet. Apply as much water as you can to completely rinse the carpet, then make sure to air-dry it. You should not walk on the area that had the stain until the carpet dries completely.


As seen with the procedure above, removing coffee stains from your carpet may take a lot of your time. However, you can trust professional carpet cleaners’ services then use that time in other productive activities. Also, stubborn coffee stains may be difficult to remove by yourself effectively. Besides removing coffee stains from your carpet, professional cleaners will carry out deep house cleaning and do laundry service.

Generally, you need deep house cleaning services at scheduled intervals.

What is Deep House Cleaning?

Whenever you clean your house, there are areas in the house that you will always leave out. These areas come to accumulate dirt over time. Deep house cleaning takes care of these areas. For an overall clean house, deep cleaning services will cater to those needs, especially the things you usually ignore.

Scheduling deep house cleaning largely depends on the number of people living in your household. You can carry out deep house cleaning at intervals of three to six months. The larger the number of people living under your roof, the more frequently you should carry out deep house cleaning.

What is Included in Deep House Cleaning?

Generally, you need several things. You can incorporate some of your home supplies. For instance, you need baking soda, vinegar, scrub brushes, rubber gloves, and some other supplies.

Scheduling Your Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning schedule will help you clean every part of the house that needs cleaning. A program will enable you to know how to plan your tasks, and you will execute the tasks in an organized manner. The most important thing is ridding your home of clutter.

Scheduling-Your-Deep-Cleaning (1)

When things are lying everywhere in an untidy fashion, you will need a lot of time to organize them and dothe deep cleaning. You should also make sure that you turn off all the electrical appliances. Focus on the areas you always ignore when cleaning your house.

Make sure to clean the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Any other part you are generally likely to ignore should also be on your house cleaning list.

Deep Cleaning your Bedroom

Generally, you do not wash bedroom linen as frequently as garments when doing your cleaning. Your bedroom deep cleaning checklist should include items like duvets, pillowcases, and curtains. The manufacturers always provide you with instructions. Follow the instructions while washing.

Bedroom-Deep-Cleaning-Checklist (1)

Since you cannot wash duvets and comforters frequently, you can choose to flip them from time to time. You can also use your drier to freshen them.

Also, you should clean the furniture in your bedroom. You can clean the bed, chairs, and dressers using a damp microfiber cloth. Make sure to clean underneath the bed. Make sure that there is no clutter in your dresser.

Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

After you have unplugged all electronic kitchen appliances, you should clear all the food from your kitchen. This can be a chance to throw away expired food. You can use warm water and dish soap to clean the cabinets and eliminate any grease and oil that may have built up.

Kitchen-Deep-Cleaning-Checklist (1)

Make sure to clean the interior and exterior parts of the kitchen fridge. While at it, read the instructions by the manufacturer. Other kitchen furniture should also be cleaned, including tables and chairs. Trash cans can be cleaned using soap and warm water.

You can clean the dishwasher by first emptying it, then cleaning the filter. You can then set it to the hottest possible temperature and run a cup of vinegar through it. You can repeat using baking soda. You can clean the exterior by using a microfiber cloth to wipe.

Your microwave is another appliance to clean. Use an appropriate cleaning product, fill a microwave bowl with a cup of water, and add half a vinegar cup. Place the bowl on the microwave and heat it until the microwave window is steamy.

After you turn it off and it cools down, open the door so that you can remove the bowl. You can use a sponge to wipe the interior, then scrub the exterior with a sponge and soapy water.

Make sure to clean countertops and sinks using soapy water. You can also scrub stovetops using a brush and warm soapy water to clear all the grease and oil. Baking soda is also effective.

Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom

The bathroom is another place you are likely to ignore, but it will accumulate dirt over time. Deep cleaning the bathroom involves cleaning bathtub, soap scum, rust on the shower heads, and cleaning the curtains.


Cleaning the showerhead may need you to use approved cleaning products or use your home products like vinegar. The showerhead coating determines how long the vinegar solution stays on the showerhead, but it should be approximately 30 minutes.

The bathtub may also accumulate stains, and you can use baking soda and water to make a paste that removes the stains. Use a brush to scrub after applying the paste. Use clean water to rinse. Also, make sure to clean bathroom walls and floors using an all-purpose cleaner.

Other Parts of the House

After cleaning the furniture and other accessories in the living room, you may need to focus on the house’s different parts. Make sure that you wipe and clean all the windows using a glass cleaner.


Clean your ceiling and light bulbs. You can also check for any cobwebs and use a cloth tied on a long broom to clean.


Carrying out deep cleaning for your house may be an intensive activity. You may need the services of a professional house cleaning company. The professional house cleaning checklist makes sure to clean your house thoroughly.

They get rid of all the dirt and stains, including stains on your carpet. Generally, a professional house cleaner knows what is included in a deep house cleaning, and they will leave your house clean and safe.