How to Clean Tv Screen – Easy Guide Without Damaging the TV

Keeping your TV spotless

There is an ongoing old wives’ tale about removing cleaning duties on or around electrical appliances and gadgets like television screens due to the high probability of damaging them. This has kept many homeowners steering clear from really giving a thorough cleansing to one of the home’s central focus and prized possessions.

Although it is factual that with electronic objects, one must be extremely careful as to not make one wrong or misinformed move to not ruin your new tv set, it is very much possible to use specific strategies to cleanse it without worry. However, it is critical to have your tv cleaned at least every two weeks as this will affect your viewing pleasure and comfort.

Picture this: you invite your friends or family over for a spontaneous movie night. Chances are if you have a big screen tv or plasma screen, it will be easy to notice the dust particles attached to the flat surface of your tv. Many guests will notice this but decide to remain silent, however, for some, it will be a huge distraction and will leave a bad impression on homeowners as hosts.

It is important to avoid your tv becoming overly dirty as this can lead to rust or dust mites that will eventually accumulate and become a detriment to your health. More than anything a dirty television set is unsightly for many including any guests or relatives you invite to your home.

When it comes to cleaning your tv screen, you will first need to look at what kind of tv you have as this information is critical to the cleaning strategy you will use. To help simplify the cleaning process, we have devised an easy guide that will assist in making cleaning your television a swift yet thorough process. Here are some of those cleaning strategies that will make your home cleaning process all the swifter –

Cleaning tools and items

What are some tools, chemicals, or solutions that are needed for cleaning the TV?

White Vinegar as a Disinfectant Method

The first step is gathering the supplies needed to clean the tv and the cable wires on the back of your tv. Some of these supplies are household items which means you don’t have to spend a pretty penny on outrageously overpriced chemicals which will drain your bank account. The basics include:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Do not fret if you do not have all of these supplies, we do however suggest that you have the essentials such as microfiber cloth, vinegar, and spray bottle as they will be necessary for sanitization of the area. Dish soap can also be essential if you do not have vinegar, however, vinegar is an important property to have in general as it is known as a powerhouse cleaning solution.

We also suggest getting informed before beginning the cleaning process and reading the owner’s manual to make sure if there is any cleaning solution or strategy that is not safe to use for your tv.

Plasma or Smart TV

How to clean smart tv screen

Plasma or Smart TV

If you have a modern home, it is more than likely you have a plasma or smart tv. The way of the future is here, a television that offers not only a sleek and minimal look but also ups the practical function of applications as well as internet use. With such a highly sought-after television in your home, it is only appropriate that this electronic device remains spotless and ready for demonstration.

Here is the step by step process for cleaning a smart tv:

  • Disconnect – before beginning the cleaning process, it is important to disconnect the tv from the electrical outlet.
  • Dust off – then you will get a microfiber cloth to remove any dust or debris on the television screen. For this, we suggest using a circular motion.
  • Removing stains – Accidents happen. Before running to grab a liquid cleaning solution, we advise you to remember that using any kind of cleaning solution can seal in moisture and damage the screen. We suggest moistening your microfiber cloth with distilled water.
  • Cleaning solution –Although you can’t use just any cleaning solution if the stain is persistent, we advise a mixture of mild dish soap and distilled water.

Things not to use when cleaning your smart TV

Although some of these solutions are used to clean flat surfaces, we highly advise the use of Windex and Formula 409 when it comes to your tv. These harsh cleaning products can have a damaging effect when using them against the material that the tv screen is coated with.

This can, unfortunately, lead to discoloration of the screen. When thinking about using a liquid cleaning solution for your tv, make sure that the cleaner is free of benzene, ammonia, alcohol, and acetone.


How to clean TV screen Samsung

Samsung Tv cleaning

If you are well educated in modern technology whether it’s phones, devices, tools, or tv brands, you are aware of the Samsung brand. Now, it is important to note that no two smart TVs are manufactured the same.

Many homeowners make the mistake of skipping out on the owner’s manual where it will say what specific products can be used and not used. Although many smart televisions typically operate the same and can be cleaned the same, we suggest a safe look-through of the manual.

However, for Samsung tv’s, you’ll be glad to know that you can use the same method as any other smart television. That is using a microfiber cloth to first dust off any dirt or debris from the screen.

If there are stains or persistent particles on the screen, it would be most efficient to spray a small amount of distilled water to your microfiber cloth and using a circular motion to wipe the screen.

Before plugging your tv back into the outlet, make sure the tv is completely dry.


How to clean TV screen LG

Now, when it comes to LG, another popular tv brand, any sign of moisture or water can end up in disaster. We advise dusting the tv as often as possible so that clumps of dust don’t form making it harder to remove later on.

Lg Tv Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning LG TVs we believe less is more. First, as always unplug your tv from the electric outlet to maintain safety while you clean. Then take a microfiber cloth or Soft Lint-free cloth and use a circular motion to dust the screen. We strongly suggest using a gentle motion to avoid any potential scratching.

Do not use any harsh chemical liquids, although you may be tempted as it is your go-to cleaning method for other surfaces, LG TVs are electrical devices that need to steer clear of any moisture for your safety and keeping it completely functional. This means no chemicals such as alcohol, thinner, or benzine.

We also suggest not using Windex for the TV screen surface, again this can result in discoloration of the picture or worse.


How to use vinegar to clean your TV screen?

We’ve already mentioned vinegar as an excellent cleaning chemical once already for your tv screen. But we simply cannot refute the effect that vinegar brings to the table as a cleaning powerhouse. Here is a simple yet effective way to clean your tv screen with this miracle-working cleaning solution:

white vinegar
  • Mix – While vinegar on its own can be extremely effective if you wish to lessen the smell or intensity you can mix it with equal parts water.
  • Microfiber cloth – Always use a microfiber cloth when cleaning your tv screen, this will ensure that you’ll get all the dust particles to stick to your cloth.
  • Dab the cloth – You will then dab your cloth with some of the solutions, if you have excess liquid, make sure to squeeze it out.
  • Wipe – Wipe across the screen in a gentle motion to not scratch or damage the screen.
  • Dry – You will then get a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the TV screen dry to not leave any moisture which can lead to electrical damage once the TV is plugged in.

Time and time again, vinegar has proved triumphant in not only sanitizing surfaces but also removing any dust particles efficiently.

Dish soap

How can you use dish soap to clean your TV screen?

As a homeowner, you are likely to own a bottle of dish soap to clean the dishes. But did you know dish soap can also be used to cleanse your TV screen? For this process, you’ll find that as always less is more. This liquid cleaning solution works well with TVs that are coated with special treatment.

The Dish Soap Method

We always advise you to take caution before using any liquid cleaner. In this case, looking at the owner’s manual to check if your TV is coated with special treatment is critical. For the cleaning process you will:

  • Dilute – dilute mild dish soap cleaner with 10 parts water.
  • Soak – You will then soak a microfiber cloth in this mixture, again squeezing out any excess liquid so there is no dripping that can lead to electrical damage.
  • Wipe – Then you will wipe with a gentle motion to not scratch or damage the surface.
  • Dry – Use a dry microfiber cloth to remove any moisture or liquid solution left on the screen.

Dish soap is not only a safe option when it comes to electronic devices like tv screens but it is also a full-proof way to maintain cleanliness.

Rubbing alcohol

How can rubbing alcohol help clean a TV screen?

Another household product that you’ll find useful for this process is rubbing alcohol. Like dish soap, this chemical is relatively affordable and will help clear away dust, dirt, and smudges. But like other solutions, you will need to use them wisely. Here is one way you can use it:

  • Wipe – Start by taking a microfiber cloth or dry cloth and wiping the tv gently to remove any loose dirt particles or dust clumps.
  • Dilute – Make a solution with half water and half rubbing alcohol.
  • Dip the cloth – You will then dip the corner of the microfiber cloth into the solution. You will then use this cloth to wipe away any smudges or stains on your screen.
  • Dry – After you have finished cleaning the screen, you will take a dry microfiber cloth to wipe any excess liquid leftover on the screen.

Rubbing alcohol has been used for years as a strong chemical to remove stains from surfaces or clothing. This alternative will help clean your TV surface swiftly.

What not to use

How to avoid damaging your TV

Now that you know how to clean tv screen and what to clean tv screen with, it is important to know what NOT to use or do when it comes to cleaning your TV screen.

  • Tap water – although using water seems like a good idea to remove any dirt or leftover stains on your screen, using tap water will lead to a visible residue that can be unsightly.
  • Ammonia – Harsh chemical cleaners can be just the stuff to get rid of persistent stains on windows or other surfaces, but when it comes to TV screens it can lead to permanent damage.
  • Wood-based wipes – Using paper towels, Kleenex tissues, or other paper-based cleaning wipes will lead to visible scratches. Your best bet is to always use microfiber towels or clean cloths.
  • Do not saturate – When you clean your tv screen with a liquid cleaner, make sure that you squeeze out excess liquid and not use too much as oversaturating the surface will lead to high levels of moisture which would then damage the TV.

An important responsibility It is important to follow these strategies and rules to upkeep your tv screen as well as to avoid making a huge mistake that could lead to irreparable damages. Television is a prized possession for many due to its importance in every home as a centerpiece as well as its ability to provide entertainment for social gatherings or simply for any individual. This level of importance deserves to be maintained.