15 Benefits of Modern Professional Laundry Services in the United States

There is no denying how busy our lives have become!

Working round the clock to pay the bills and loans or monitoring viable investment opportunities in the financial market means that there is little to no time left for doing menial stuff like cleaning and laundry.

Even though the advent of laundry washing machines and other cleaning equipment reduced the task that homeowners and organizations have to do, it didn’t solve the problem completely.

But thanks to the evolution of technology and the professional laundry services sector in the United States, people now have an extra hand at their beck and call to meet their cleaning and laundry demand.

Just before we get down to listing the benefits of professional laundry services, let’s get the definition straight.

What is Laundry Service?

A laundry service is an individual or company that washes and irons clothes for clients. Laundry service is understandably as old as man has learned to outsource his tasks with almost all hotels and resorts, mainly featuring such service.

Depending on the number of clothes, if you hand them in one day, you should get them back within 24 hours or a maximum of two days. The professional laundry service will wash, dry, and iron the clothes.

The Evolution of Laundry Service

In recent times, laundry service in the United States has evolved into an online model where clients can contact their laundry service company, have their clothes picked up from their preferred location, and delivered to them at their convenience.

This new model is becoming increasingly popular and is poised to see more adoption as the mobile app development industry continues to grow. New features will likely be rolled out to incentivize users and facilitate the switch to modern laundry service offered via mobile apps.

Why People Hire Professional Laundry Services

If you still find time to do your laundry, you may wonder why anyone or any organization would decide to outsource their cleaning and laundry.

Well, here are some of the best reasons why people hire laundry services in the US.

  • Busy With Other Tasks

As we noted at the onset, our lives have become so busy. Therefore, instead of suffering from stress or burnout by trying to handle all that task, some individuals and organizations explore the benefits of laundry services to get the needed relief.

One can also decide to outsource other cleaning tasks such as lawn care, or house and window cleaning, with the ultimate goal of freeing up time for other activities.

  • Lack of Experience

Growing up, many didn’t get the chance to learn how to do laundry themselves either because someone else always did it, or no one taught them how to do it. So, for no fault of theirs, hiring professional laundry services is a suitable way to get the job done immediately.

For organizations, the difficulty involved in recruiting an in-house team of garment care experts compels them to outsource their laundry demands.

  • Optimizing Business Performance

Organizations primarily choose to outsource their laundry to save costs such as water, fuel, electricity, and labor. Another benefit is that space could be freed up on-site for other profit-driven activities.

There is also the promise of enhancing the quality of laundry as a professional laundry service company has more expertise than an in-house team working on such a project.

  • Not Interested in Doing Laundry

Some people would rather spend their time off from work to relax or even work on their side hustle.

They are not interested in doing laundry and enjoy outsourcing it more than they do when they engage in it. Besides, who loves doing laundry when they can play games, hang out with friends, or catch up on lost sleep?

Having discussed why people hire laundry services, it is worth noting that rapid development in technology and the professional laundry services sector is another vital reason why it has become the preferred way for most people to do laundry.

Let’s Discuss Some of These Improvements

1. Serving a Wider Client Base

In the past, laundry services basically catered to the needs of individuals and a few organizations. At the moment, however, nearly anyone who wants to hire professional laundry services in the United States can do this without moving an inch.

At Soji , for instance, our clients do not only include on-demand consumers. We also serve students, hospitals, hotels, clinics, salons, rental services, country club, Airbnb, garages, gyms, and similar facilities that need help with their cleaning.

These distinct groups arguably need different plans, and we’ve mapped out the best for them to enjoy using our service.

Interestingly, the use of Android and iOS apps to connect with clients means that the service may as well be rolled out to any country or jurisdiction where there is a significant need for it.

2. Real-time Communication

What happens if after handing your clothes to the laundryman, you realize it was the wrong clothes or you mixed up instructions on washing that you provided earlier?

The advent of LiveChat on mobile apps means you can make these adjustments in real-time. Such communication wasn’t possible in the past and likely deterred some from using professional laundry services.

It also opens up the opportunity for laundry service companies like Soji to transmit information to customers promptly, advertise irresistible offers, and maintain a close relationship with our esteemed clients.

Such increased transparency, no doubt, benefits everyone involved in the circle.

3. Solving the Last Mile Problem

In tandem with real-time communication, improvements in the industry ensure that users now incur little to no stress when they use laundry services.

A delivery person assigned by the laundry company is equipped with an app to indicate successful pickups and delivery. At the same time, the client can complete all transactions from their device without even knowing who is going to do their laundry!

This frictionless service is among the reasons why professional laundry services in the United States has thrived massively.

Let’s now consider the benefits that clients enjoy when they hire an efficient laundry service.

15 Benefits of Modern Professional Laundry Services in the US

1. Affordability

Although the charges for a laundry service usually depends on the number of clothes to be washed and ironed, the typical costs are traditionally way below what an individual or organization would expend to get the job done themselves.

For instance, washing materials for home or office laundry includes detergent, bleach, color-safe bleach, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, which could take anywhere between $20 to $100.

On the other, it could cost anywhere between $25-$35 to get one full-sized bag of laundry done while, in some cases, pricing starts at $1.50. Yes. A large pile of dirty laundry can be transformed into ready-to-wear clothes for way less than it would cost to pay for electricity or internet usage.

Since the said cost includes free-pickup, cloth folding, and delivery, it arguably represents a better deal for clients of laundry service companies.

2. Time-Saving

Think about the washing materials mentioned earlier and the fact that it could take some time to rush to the store down the street to get them, and perhaps more than an hour to get the laundry done.

For persons with hectic lives and jobs, such time would be better spent on meeting deadlines and getting the needed rest after several long hours and days at work, not on doing laundry that can be done somewhere else.

When you use Soji, it takes less than 20 minutes for our delivery partners to pick up your clothes. The entire process of washing, ironing, and folding is done quickly and efficiently, with the garments returned to you at least within 24 hours to 48 hours max.

Our efficient service frees up time that clients can spend on doing the things that matter most to them.

3. Cost-Saving

Aside from costs incurred regularly on purchasing washing materials each time you need to do laundry, the cost of purchasing equipment can is another reason why a professional laundry service is beneficial.

A high-quality washer and dryer costs between $400-$5000, with extra costs likely to be incurred down the line of maintenance and savings for the purchase of a new one in case of breakdown.

Students and other middle-income persons may not be able to finance this without a loan. Also, even if they managed to get a fairly used equipment, they may struggle to cope with maintenance costs.

For instance, adding other costs of running the machine, such as electricity, likely shows that using a professional laundry service company like Soji may be a smarter financial decision.

For one thing, the fees are paid when you need to get laundry done. For students, this is an excellent opportunity to save costs between periods of frequent washing and times when they perhaps do not need the equipment.

With tens of high-quality machines at our disposal, professional laundry service companies bear the real costs of providing you with the best services that your clothes would thank you for. You only have to pay for charges which are comparable to your corner store laundry and dry-cleaning.

4. Flexible Plans

In line with the promise of saving costs for customers, another benefit of modern laundry service is that users can purchase flexible plans that suit their laundry demand and their income bracket.

In the case of Soji, we offer a chance for students who use our Android or iOS laundry app in the United States to choose from Quarterly or Yearly Subscription Plans, depending on their budget and laundry demands.

Other classes of clients, such as individuals, hospitals, garages, etc., can choose from the on-demand laundry packages. Feedback gathered over time, showing that the plan’s flexibility is ideal for most of our regular customers.

The possibility of new plans being added in the long run also means that better deals could be integrated in the future to meet user demands.

5. Professional Results

As we noted earlier, one of the reasons why people choose to outsource their laundry tasks is because they lack the knowledge of how to get it done correctly.

Additionally, even those who end up doing it by themselves cannot boast of having the best results. For instance, their garments may get damaged during the dry cleaning process or lose quality quickly, resulting in a shorter lifespan.

That is why professional laundry services step in. At Soji, we have a team of professional laundry care experts ready to give their best to satisfy our clients.

The team employs the best industry techniques and a wash process that considers the fabric constituent of each cloth that arrives in our laundry room.

The objective is to ensure that all clothes are gently cleaned, sturdy and simple stains are removed, and the clothes are returned to clients in the best possible condition.

Even though individuals and organizations understand the importance of laundry and often strive for similar results, you will agree that it is near impossible to achieve the same results as people who spend their whole time on the job!

6. Location-Independent Service

In the past, the quality of laundry service that a person can enjoy is usually confined to their location because of several variables such as distance and time.

However, with the emergence of mobile app technology, the last mile problem was solved, and anyone anywhere can get the best hands to work on their laundry.

Using their mobile phone GPS functionalities powered by the Soji Cleaners App, clients can order for pickup of their laundry from their doorstep irrespective of their location anywhere in the United States.

Also, after the laundry has been completed, the delivery person could bring the laundry to any location chosen by the client, or another pickup location such as their work route. Such an approach solves the problem of an individual not being able to do laundry because of their location, or other situations beyond their immediate control.

7. Order History and Tracking

Most people who are familiar with using the conventional laundry service understand how difficult it can be to keep an accurate record of previous orders as providers frequently issue invoices.

There is also the inherent risk of not receiving updates between pickup and delivery.

But, the Soji iOS and Android app provide a super-convenient way to do this without having to stack invoice papers or disturb your brain the next time you want to record the amount you spent on laundry for a specific period.

You can export this information anytime there is a need for it, and also have the power to figuratively watch your clothes as it goes through the entire laundry process.

Our efficient tracking system with in-house laundry care experts further means that there is no chance that some clothes end up missing or mix up with other clients’ garments at any stage of laundry.

8. Real-time Customer Support

This is another benefit of professional laundry services via mobile apps. In the past, open communication with the laundry service company was marred with frictions such as high cost and unavailability of a dedicated customer support channel.

Today, however, a team of customer support representatives is always there to respond to user inquiries either via email or live chat.

Such a communication channel makes it easier for users to send additional instructions or make the necessary adjustments to the information they provided earlier during the pickup of the dirty laundry.

There is also the opportunity to urgently express dissatisfaction regarding the conduct of delivery persons, information that can be helpful for the company to make impactful business decisions.

9. Secure Online Payments

With modern professional laundry services like Soji, users can complete transactions safely either via the mobile app or on our website. The benefits? Transactions can be automated, settle more speedily, and face little to no risk of theft.

While we understand that online payments are susceptible to hackers trying to steal users’ credit card information or hijacking transactions, the app was built in line with the best industry standards on securing card payments.

Integration of the multiple and leading low-fees payment gateways gives users a variety of choices. Additionally, cybersecurity trained professional on the team provides a guarantee that customer payment details are secure at all times.

10. Reviews and Customer Feedback

Unlike in the past, when laundry service providers can easily manipulate client ratings and reviews, new professional laundry services differ slightly.

For instance, customers can decide which professional laundry service to trust with their laundry based on feedback from other real users on third-party platforms such as Google and Apple Store, where the apps are listed.

In-app, too, users are prompted following the completion of an order, to rate the service they received, leave comments on how satisfied they are, and what could be improved the platform.

There is a significant chance that relying on this information allows users to choose the best professional laundry service, not only based on their budget or preferences but also on user feedback.

11. Multiple Platforms

With iOS and Android now dominating the battle of operating systems, Soji took the initiative to launch apps to serve users on both platforms, with little to no difference in the integrated functionalities.

Regular feature updates will also be released based on customer feedback to cater more efficiently to the needs of customers who need professional laundry services in the United States.

Such anticipated swift adjustment to user demand is another benefit of using a modern laundry service.

12. Intuitive Rewards

While the modern laundry service company is profit-oriented, systems are put in place to reward both new and existing customers irrespective of their category, for example, on-demand students, consumers, Hospitals, Hotels, Clinics, Salons, etc.

Soji offers coupons and discount code rewards, which users can easily claim on the app after completing their first order or reaching the stipulated number of orders. These incentives make our services more useful to customers.

13. Cancellation and Rescheduling

What do you do when there’s an emergency, and you can no longer be available to receive your cleaned laundry?

With our integrated order cancellation feature, customers can easily cancel their orders.  The delivery person will also get notified and depending on their location receive an update if the customer reschedules

Even though we encourage users to avoid misusing this feature, the attached flexibility comes at no extra cost is no doubt beneficial to the majority of our clients who live very busy lives and thus are always on the move.

14. Convenience

Among all the benefits of using a laundry service that we’ve highlighted so far, one thing stands out: convenience.

When you use a professional laundry service, there is a guarantee of convenience, beginning with choosing your wash preferences, placing an order on your mobile phone, tracking clothes as they are moved from your doorstep to laundry, and leaving a transparent review when they’re delivered.

All these processes could be completed within less than 24 hours, depending on the number of clothes, and the defined washing processes.

Soji further augments user convenience by always seeking out new ways to make the entire process frictionless. We understand that as long as users continue to enjoy frictionlessly service, then we are offering the best value.

15. Empowering Local Businesses

When you use a professional laundry service in the United States, you are indirectly empowering local businesses and creating more employment opportunities for the global society.

Starting from delivery partners to garment care experts and then the app development team, everyone, including the customer, makes a vital impact when they choose to use a reliable local laundry service company.


The need for professional laundry service dates back to as early as Man began to outsource his tasks. However, the advent of mobile technology and newer processes means that significant improvements have taken place through the years to bring more incentives to users.

Eventually, one can expect that these benefits will increase the pool of individuals and organizations using professional laundry services in the United States and other places around the world.

Will using a laundry service eventually become a more widely adopted tradition? Only time would tell.