University alt=University of Notre Dame - Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

University of Notre Dame - Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

Formally known as The University of Notre Dame du Lac, the institution is one of America’s best catholic colleges, boasting a high 98% graduation rate and a low 18% acceptance rate.

The over 12,000 students pursuing academic excellence at the University of Notre Dame often contend with a fully-loaded school schedule, building a decent social life, and personal tasks, such as laundry and dry cleaning.

That is where Soji Cleaners comes in handy as a trusted laundry service company. We clean your clothes, bedding materials, and other items so that you can remain hygienic and focus on achieving your academic goals.

Besides a 24-hour turnaround time between pickup and delivery, students also enjoy special discounts on our pocket-friendly weekly, monthly, annual, or semester plans.

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How Some Students Have Benefitted From Our Campus Laundry Service

"Doing my laundry has always been a pain in the neck; with so much homework, I don't find time to do laundry. With Soji Cleaners, I don't have to worry about that again."


" I hated going to the laundry room. It was dirty and someone would always take my clothes out of the machine when I wasn’t there. I haven’t been to the laundry room all semester because of Soji and I hope I never go back!"


" I am the kind of person that believes that appearance matters in everything you are doing, and that is why choosing these guys was a great choice. I receive my clothes fresh, wrinkle-free, and ready to wear."


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