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We all wish to have the time to manage everything, from working to taking care of our family and then having time to ourselves. With so little time left for other tasks, one area that tends to suffer is home maintenance. Why subject yourself to living in such a condition? our home cleaning company in Downtown Manhattan has just the solution you’ve been looking for. Introducing home cleaning services in Downtown Manhattan that not only focuses on a thorough deep cleaning experience but also your complete satisfaction with your home appearance. 

Tidying your home, our experts have one goal, that’s to rid your home of dirt, grime, mold, and remove the dangers of toxic air pathogens from your space. We also hope to help with your laundry issues as we also provide laundry service and dry-cleaning services. Student life can be dreadful, your dorm room often goes days, weeks, or even months without seeing a mop and a broom. This is why we also have dorm cleaning services. Don’t wait for your home to continue decaying, request our services now.

Why Soji Cleaners?

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100% Happiness Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Rest assured that we offer nothing but the best cleaning services. We will re-process your orders for free if you’re not satisfied

It’s Fast!

It’s Lightning Fast!

We pick up, wash, and deliver cleaned laundry within 24 hours.

Cleaners & Greener


We are sensitive to climate change and only use eco-friendly cleaning agents and processes.

High Quality


We ensure that cleaned laundry or locations are spotless and ready for action when you need them.


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