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There is only one name to call on when it comes to getting the finest in Brookfield house cleaning services. Our team consists of experts who are professional and use eco-friendly, efficient and quick methods for cleaning, without having to use any chemicals. Soji Cleaners can handle the maintenance or deep clean your building needs. We hold ourselves at a higher regard than our competition by priding ourselves on very neat craftsmanship and being a customer service-based company. Book now and find out why all the residents in Brookfield know that Soji Cleaners is the best in town.

Our Cleaning Services

standard cleaning
Standard Cleaning
carpet cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
grout cleaning
Grout Cleaning
in home laundry
In-home Laundry
deep cleaning
Deep Cleaning
green cleaning
Green Cleaning
home organization
Home Organization
move in out cleaning
Move-in / out Cleaning

Why Soji?

Soji cleaners have years of experience and are here to deliver unrivalled service in Oak Brook. Throughout the entire cleaning process, our quality shines through. This includes the quality of our cleaning products, and the expertise of our impressive team. We are happy to tailor the perfect solution that meets your indoor cleaning needs from simple single cleans to deep cleans. We deliver great value for money, while not compromising on results. That, in addition to our belief in upfront pricing makes sure you know what your buying. Your home is in good safe hands with us and we are protecting your family by using eco friendly products.


Home Cleaning: $45/hr per cleaner

Cleaning Type
$40/hr per Cleaner
Studio Deep $120 – $160
Standard/Basic $100 – $120
1 bed / 1 bath Deep $140 – $160
Standard/Basic $100 – $120
2 bed / 1 bath Deep $160 – $200
Standard/Basic $100 – $120
1 bed / 2 bath Deep $160 – $200
Standard/Basic $100 – $120
2 bed / 2 bath Deep $240 – $280
Standard/Basic $160 – $200
3 bed / 2 bath Deep $280 – $320
Standard/Basic $200 – $220
3 bed / 3 bath Deep $320 – $360
Standard/Basic $220 – $240
4 bed / 3 bath Deep $360 – $400
Standard/Basic $220 – $240
4 bed / 4 bath Deep $360 – $400
Standard/Basic $220 – $240
5 bed / 4 bath Deep $360 – $400
Standard/Basic $220 – $240
5 bed / 5 bath Deep $380 – $420
Standard/Basic $240 – $280
6 bed / 5 bath Deep $480 – $500
Standard/Basic $240 – $280
6 bed / 6 bath Deep $480 – $500
Standard/Basic $240 – $280

Carpet Cleaning: $75/room

*Master bedroom and a fully carpeted living room is considered as 2 rooms
*Hallways and stairs are also considered rooms

Rug Cleaning: Starting at $1.50/Sq. Ft.

Synthetic rug – $1.50/sq-ft
Wool Rug – $2.0/sq-ft
Silk rug – $3.0/sq-ft

Mattress Cleaning: Starting at $79

Cleaning Cost
Crib $79
Twin $89
Full $109
Queen $129
King $139

Upholstery Cleaning: Starting at $13

seat back cushion cleaning

Seat or Back Cushion
$12-$15 Each

couch cushions soji

2 Sided Cushion
$20-$30 Each

seat and back cushion cleaning

Seat and Back Cushion
$25-$35 Each

seat back arm leg cushion cleaning

Seat, Back, Upholstered Arms, and Legs
$30-$35 Each

large chair cleaning

Large Chair
$65 Each
Ottoman (4 SF) – $25

recliner cleaning

$80 Each
Ottoman (4 SF) – $25

loveseat cleaning

60” or 5’ (2 Seat & Back Cushion: $125 Each

Extra Cushions: $10-$15 Each

sofa cleaning

60” or 5’ (Seat & Back Cushion: $175 Each

Extra Cushions addt’l cost

Sectionals are figure as a combination of the pieces above

How it works


Get simple pricing, schedule the cleaning time.


Get out of the house, do your errands, relax. Our teams will arrive and transform your home.


Enjoy your new sparkling clean home!

I cannot say enough praises after having Soji’s cleaning team in Brookfield work wonders in our 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath house. They showed up on time, were friendly throughout the whole process and took great care to leave my home spotless.


I was blown away by how detailed Soji were with everything – they cleaned bits of my home I don’t think I’ve ever touched, and their products are all eco-friendly. I highly recommend the service!


I have tried many cleaning services in Brookfield and Soji is the best. Their team is professional and super friendly. I would not hesitate in using them again.


House Cleaning Services Brookfield

So skip Googling the usual ‘cleaning services near me’ and go with a reputable local cleaning service:

  • Quality of Service: Our team of experts ensure only the best cleaning techniques. All cleaners are subject to strict and thorough training, without exception.
  • Specialized Cleaning Regimens: We all know that every single home is different and therefore don’t have identical packages for every home. We customise our cleans to suit your needs.
  • Attention to Detail: We don’t just clean; we ensure every corner of your home is spotless and hygienic.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Our green cleaning products are safe for your family and pets, and we are committed to reducing our environmental impact.
  • Clear Communication: We prioritize your satisfaction by maintaining open communication and valuing your feedback.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

We provide in-depth cleaning services for every room in your home. Take a look at our list below:

  • Kitchen – mopping, countertop and appliance sanitisation, rubbish disposal.
  • Window washing
  • Living Room and Dining Room – sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, upholstery cleaning, stain removal
  • Bedroom – dusting, vacuuming, garbage disposal.
  • Bathroom – shower door cleaning, odour eradication
  • Garbage Removal

If you have any unique cleaning requirements that are not listed above, please contact us and we can work to find the perfect package for your home or business.


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Add a whole new level of clean to your Brookfield home with Soji cleaners. We provide advanced cleaning services, all of which are designed to cater to the specific needs of each uniquely delightful resident of Brookfield, leaving your home as spick and span as it was the day you first moved in.

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Brookfield is a well respected community known for it’s quality homes and energetic neighborhoods. We get the different needs and tastes of homeowners in Brookfield. If you’ve got a work schedule to maintain, are taking care of the family, or are just looking for a more perfect living space, we can take a hefty load off your shoulders.

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