Frequently Asked Questions
Home Cleaning

- Call us or book online.
- Schedule an available time.
- Depending on the services requested, we will send one or more of our professional cleaners to your home.
- All home cleaning services are charged by the hour. View our pricing page here. Some cleaning jobs can take multiple days.
- Upon completion, we will charge the payment method on your account.

Clients must contact Soji with any complaint within 24 hours of the worker completing the requested task(s). Soji will evaluate the situation. If a complaint is legitimate, Soji will either send a cleaner back to finish the original task(s) or work to resolve the issue with clients in some other way.

Soji is fully bonded and insured and will work with you to resolve any issue.

Soji cleaners will communicate with you about our estimated arrival time and about any possible delays.

Our hourly record starts as soon as a worker enters home, and stops as soon as they exit home.

We keep accurate hourly records using a combination of basic check-in, check-out with each cleaner and GPS tracking at our headquarters.

Yes. If you would like us to clean while you are not home, please provide proper instructions while scheduling and coordinate all necessary access keys for our cleaners.

Commercial Cleaning

Depending on the job, Soji will charge our standard hourly rate or a custom rate based on square footage.

Contracts are not required.

Offices, hotels, hospitals, malls, stadiums, event venues, barber shops, mechanical shops, industrial facilities – any places of business.

Yes, Soji is fully bonded and insured.

Student Laundry

- We pick up laundry loads once per week.
- Pickup times (usually Saturday) and dropoff times (usually Sunday) are predetermined and vary based on location. During both pickup and drop-off, a Soji worker will be on campus for about an hour. They will reach out to you about the delivery, allowing approximately a 15 minute window to connect with you and make the exchange.
- After picking up clothes, it is taken to professional laundry machines, cleaned, dried, folded, and re-packaged for drop-off.
- Your cleaned clothes is returned to you at the same pickup location within 24 hours.

We us super precise segmentation scale to track every pound of laundry by its material "state" (e.g. it can detect and distinguish between solid and liquid weight). This ensures that the exact weight of clothes that was picked up is the same as the weight of clothes we drop off. The also means, with Soji, you don't have to worry about loosing a sock!

Even with our unique clothing weight system, things can happen. Soji is also fully bonded and insured and will work with you if anything ever happens.

We can have your clothes cleaned, folded, and back you in 24 hours.

Soji will work out the exact pickup and dropoff location with you. Locations are limited to the campuses we service . If can be your current residential dorm, apartment, etc. or somewhere else on campus. We do require that the pickup and dropoff location for any given week be the be same.

We pick up laundry on you campus once a week. Pickup times are usually Saturday mornings and dropoff times are usually Sunday mornings.

Immediately after you purchase a student laundry plan, Soji will notify you about the times for your campus.

Our monthly plan is $160 and our semester (or quarterly) is $799.

Please provide our delivery workers with all your dirty laundry in a strong bag with your name clearly marked on an attached tag.

Yes, we will take you clothes to the dry cleaner. This is a separate service and will be charged on an item-by-item basis.

For any item with special needs, please put them in separate bag (with your name tag) and also attach a special note to the bag. This is a separate service and will be charged on an item-by-item basis.

Yes. See above for clothing items with special needs.

Not necessarily. If your student dorm or apartment building on campus has a lobby, then it will be possible for a Soji worker to pick up and drop off bags there. As always be sure to add your name tag to your laundry bag(s). You will need to provide specific delivery instructions ahead of time and Soji is not responsible for bags once we have dropped them off.

The art of clean living.