Commercial Cleaning Services in Chicago

Commercial Cleaning Services in Chicago

Commercial Cleaning Services in Chicago

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Why Soji Cleaners?

why choose us
100% Happiness Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Rest assured that we offer nothing but the best cleaning services. We will re-process your orders for free if you’re not satisfied

It’s Fast!

It’s Lightning Fast!

We pick up, wash, and deliver cleaned laundry within 24 hours.

Cleaners & Greener


We are sensitive to climate change and only use eco-friendly cleaning agents and processes.

High Quality


We ensure that cleaned laundry or locations are spotless and ready for action when you need them.


What are Customers Saying About Soji Cleaners?

“The guys at Soji Cleaners are great to work with! They are a great value and have helped us save a lot of time for our small hotel. All the laundry comes back cleaned, pressed, and professionally folded within 24 hours.”


“I found Soji Cleaners when searching for “commercial laundry near me.” It's nice that we can use the mobile app to arrange pickup and dropoff anytime and that we can specify our washing specifications for different materials. Definitely worth the money. Thank you!”


“Soji Cleaners takes care of our lab coats, patient gowns, and blankets, for less than what we used to spend on our former laundry service. We’ve never had any issues, and I hope they don’t change anytime soon!”


Commercial Cleaning Services & Locations

The art of clean living.