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Just moved to the city, things can be quite complex. Work can be exhausting, and your day-to-day rituals can take up a lot of space. By proxy, your home starts to become neglected. During various seasons of the year, including spring and winter, your home will start to trigger allergies as well as nasal congestion if not properly cleaned. We’re here to tell you that help is right around the corner. Our home cleaning company in Southern Brooklyn can easily save you the trouble of endless cleaning. 

With techniques and tools acquired through several years of experience, our home cleaning services in Southern Brooklyn will help rid you of these problematic allergy triggers in no time. Have a generous amount of laundry that hasn’t gotten done? We can also help in this area. We have a laundry service and dry-cleaning service that use high-tech methods to leave your clothes feeling brand new. Not only do we service homes, but we also have dorm cleaning services for students. What are you waiting for? Get ready for a deep cleanse when you request our services.

Our Services

Trusted Chicago dry cleaning services. Now with modern convenience & perks

Wash and Fold

Wash and Fold

Soji Cleaners provides an affordable wash and fold laundry service, ideal for anyone who needs an extra hand with their laundry.

Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning

We offer thorough and hygienic home cleaning services, deep cleaning for your home keeping your family safe.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Our trained dry cleaning team carefully handles all your dry-clean items, ensuring they last as long as they’re designed to.

Still Not Quite Sure How It Works?

Students and faculty bring dirty laundry to attended service trucks parked outside of residence halls. Our staff separates, washes, dries, and folds your clothes into a tidy package for return to campus.


Choose a Service

  • Laundry
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Wash & Fold
  • Home Cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Hang Dry


Fill in Your Pickup and Drop Off Location

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Track Your Laundry

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Voila! Within 24 hours Your Laundry is Delivered

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Why Choose Us

100% Happiness Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the wash or dry cleaning, we will re=process your clothes for free!

It’s Fast!

We pickup, wash & deliver in less than 24 hours.

Cleaners & Greener

We work with the environment in mind. No harsh chemicals.

High Quality

We work hard to make sure that the clothes you get back are spotless and ready for action.


Price Per Item:

Regular Laundry (10 lbs minimum) $1.80
Regular Laundry (10 lbs minimum) $1.80
Laundered Shirt $2.75
Bedding (Comforter/Blanket/Throw/Mattress Cover/Duvet Cover) $30.00
Mattress Cleaning $150.00

The above prices may vary according to your zipcode you have entered.

Price Per Item:

Shirt/ Blouse/Sweater/Vest/Polo/. Skirts $5.99
Pants/Jeans/Skirt/Shorts $7.99
Sweater $5.49
Jacket ( Suits, Sport Coat, Blazer) $14.99
Two Piece Suit $13.98
Jumpsuit (Romper) $11.95
Dress (casual) $11.99
Dress semi-formal $15.95
Dress ( Formal / evening gown) $24.99
Wedding Dress (Clean and Pressed) $199.99
Wedding Dress (Press Only) $74.99
Wedding Dress ( Boxed) - $49.99
Jacket (Light) $14.95
Jacket (Medium Weight) $19.95
Coat $19.95
Coat (Long) $24.95
Leather Jacket $71.35
Coat Down (Long) $28.57
Coat Down (Short) $21.42
Hat $5.99
Scarf $5.99
Tie $4.99
Apron $5.99
Duvet Cover $24.95
Blanket $24.99
Comforter/Bedspread (Twin) $24.99
Comforter/Bedspread (Full) $24.99
Down comforter $39.95
Bed Sheet (King) $14.95
Hang Dry Item $2.00
Bedding (Comforter/Blanket/Throw/Mattress Cover/Duvet Cover) $40.00

The above prices may vary according to your zipcode you have entered.


/ Hour


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Frequently Asked Questions

Enter your preferred pickup date, indicate whether you have wash & fold, laundered shirts (men's button-down shirts for pressing only), or dry-cleaning. Add any information regarding stains and specific pickup and delivery instructions. Enter the preferred delivery date, then submit the order. We'll bring you a Soji Cleaners laundry bag and garment bag to use on all your orders on your first pickup. That's it - now go back to doing what you love.

Wash & fold has a 24-hour turnaround time, with an option for same day or overnight for an extra fee on weekdays. Laundered shirts (men's button-down shirts for pressing) and dry-cleaning have a 24-hours turnaround time during the week, and 48-hours on the weekend. There is also an option for 24-hour rush for dry-cleaning for an extra fee. We are unable to provide express services on jthe weekends for laundered shirts, wash & fold, or dry-cleaning at the moment

We offer on demand laundry and dry-cleaning services. We also offer subscriptions for students at universities and boarding schools. Please see below for details on each service:

-Wash & Fold -Hang dry for delicate items -Customization options including green/unscented detergent, separation of whites and colors, and bleaching of whites

Dry-cleaning, -Wash and press for most men’s dress shirts, Customization options including green cleaning, -Your local provider may offer additional services such as:, -Custom tailoring and alteration, -Leather, suede, and fur cleaning, Wedding dress cleaning and preservation, -Handbag and shoe restoration, -Off-season storage, -Home cleaning

Our hang dry service is best for your most delicate items! Things like work-out clothes, intimates, nice jeans, and casual workwear are the types of things that are often hang dried.

If you have stains that need special treatment, please note this in the "additional instructions" section just after you place a pickup and we'll do our absolute best to make sure we handle it.

Yes, we happily do!

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