Sōji Cleaners is coming to New York City - Manhattan and Brooklyn in July
Hospitals and Healthcare Laundry Services

Soji Cleaners Laundry and Dry Cleaning provides to Hospitals & Health Care Laundry Service for bed linens, toweling, patient gowns, scrubs, medical apparel and incontinent products as well as reusable operating room linens for health care providers.


Your linens are sorted, tagged, processed, weighed and washed separately. Soji Cleaners Commercial Laundry program is designed so your linens are sorted, tagged and processed separately, ensuring that your linens are properly returned to your facility.

We understand that medical facilities require completely sanitary conditions. At Soji Cleaners Laundry in Chicago IL, and New York, NY, we offer sanitary scrubs, uniforms, and linen services that enhance the professionalism of your staff and puts patients at ease.

  • We offer flexible price range
  • We delivered in 24 hrs
  • We use natural cleaning solutions
  • We have adopted appropriate safety measures
  • We meet deadlines with-in our promised turnaround times.
  • We take care of all the areas covered in dry cleaning, and laundry services.
  • We are the one-stop solution for your commercial laundry services
Let's clean your laundry the right way.

Soji Cleaners

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Soji Cleaners

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Laundry reimagined